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baltimore location

720 W 36th Street, Baltimore (Hampden), MD 21212

inside Metta Integrative Wellness Center

map of silver spring

silver spring location

8380 Colesville Road, Suite 600, Silver Spring, MD 20910

inside Potomac Massage Training Institute

*I am no longer seeing new clients in Silver Spring*

can i schedule on other days ?

i generally see clients only during my posted working hours . if you have a request for a special accommodation, please contact me and we will discuss options .

how does the sliding scale work ?

i have a "no questions asked" policy regarding the sliding scale fees . you may pay whatever amount feels appropriate to your situation for every appointment . the prices i list on the website are "market value" . i provide a self-screening questionnaire that i encourage you to review when deciding what to pay . 

what is the difference between swedish and deep tissue massage ?

contrary to popular belief , deep tissue is NOT synonymous with deep pressure . both swedish and deep tissue massage may be done with heavy or light pressure . swedish massage consists of long and flowing strokes that connect the systems of the body and care for the whole being . deep tissue massage is focused , anatomically specific work that affects cellular change in the muscle tissues . most massages are a combination of the two techniques .

what is craniosacral therapy ?

craniosacral therapy is a touch modality that comes from the Osteopathic tradition of medicine . using light touch and sometimes energetic (off-body) contact , the practitioner feels for patterns of restriction in the body , and directs the body's own resources to releasing those restrictions to create lasting , sustainable change . craniosacral therapy may be used to treat a variety of conditions of body , mind , and spirit . it is often effective for managing conditions that are not helped by Western care .

does massage hurt ?

no ! the therapist will always work within your comfort . some people like to feel that "hurts so good" pain , so it is entirely up to you how much sensation feels right . you should NEVER experience pain or depth that causes you to cringe or withdraw . remember to communicate with the therapist about the contact and pressure . this is your session , and you are in charge of your experience :)

do i have to take off all my clothes ?

no . you may undress completely if that's comfortable for you , or you may leave on undergarments , shorts , undershirts , or everything if that's what's comfortable for you . there are some benefits to being completely undressed , since that provides the therapist with skin-to-skin contact , but the work can always be done over clothes . if you are undressed , your sensitive areas will be covered with careful draping at all times . please let the therapist know if you have particular sensitivities or discomforts .


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baltimore, MD

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