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references, brief reviews, and links to resources and content I like :) in no particular order

Beautifully written essays weaving together Native oral tradition and modern biological science in a series of rich, captivating stories of nature and medicine.

The Craniosacral Podcast, Episode 29: "Brigit Viksnins - Alchemical Alignment"

A favorite teacher of mine, speaking about nervous system regulation, and using bodywork to help the system release from freeze.

Interview with Bayo Akomolafe, on coming back to Earth, sacred activism, indigeneity, and shifting identities.

A guide-book about our lived, embodied experiences with race and racism, with tangible tools for recognizing and overcoming our own race-triggered reactions.

Interview with the author of My Grandmother's Hands, discussing his work in psychology around race and racism.

Free App with hundreds of themed meditations (and social opportunites).

One of the most-cited, scientific, highly regarded texts on the embodiment of trauma.

Therapist Uncensored Podcast, Episode TU94: "The Science of Self-Regulation"

An accessible introduction to understanding the poly-vagal theory (PVT). Also check out Episode TU93 (but listen to this one first ;)

A playlist I curated of songs about social justice issues, mostly by songwriters of color. (Have song suggestions for my list? Let me know!)

Massage therapist and quantum energy worker discussing holding boundaries for self-care in bodywork.

The Craniosacral Podcast, Episode 59: "Rollin McCraty - Heart Rate Variability"

An excerpt from a larger lecture about the health implications of HRV (Heart Rate Variability). Parts of the lecture are quite scientific and esoteric, and many parts are easy to understand.

A collection of interviews with professionals from around the world - in all topics related to the body and embodiment.

A great summary article on epigenetics and inheritance.

Written by my teacher of Visceral Manipulation, Carey Taussig, D.O.(Italy), and published in Massage Magazine.


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