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& Access

Metta Integrative Wellness Center is located in the Hampden neighborhood of Baltimore. We are located on 36th Street, commonly called "the Avenue".

ACCESSIBILITY The center is inside a converted row home. There is one flight of exterior stairs, and all treatment rooms are on the second floor of the building. Unfortunately, the space is not accessible to those who cannot use stairs. For more information about accessibility and options, please contact me.

PARKING There is no designated parking for the business. There is metered and unmetered street parking. Please allow time for parking and follow posted signs.




intuitive massage


therapeutic massage

expression of health

Arrive and surrender to the healing wisdom of your body. Working with techniques from Swedish, and deep tissue massage, yoga, myofascial release, Trager® movement therapy,  craniosacral therapy, and Reiki, the therapist tunes in to your body's deepest expression of health, wellness, and wholeness. With that the place of health as a guide, the body begins to unwind, release, and resettle into a state of greater ease. Each session is unique and responsive to the conditions of the present moment; you may leave feeling restored, whole, and seen!

This work is deeply rooted in practices of engagement and compassion, informed by the therapist's experiences and studies of trauma and recovery. Whether you are seeking healing from a physical injury, from emotional harm, from trauma, or simply on embarking on a journey towards greater harmony in health, let this style of bodywork carry you forward.

30 minutes for $50.00

60 minutes for $90.00

90 minutes for $115.00

120 minutes for $150.00

therapeutic muscle release

This modality is best suited for working with specific musculoskeletal injuries or concerns. Using a combination of deep tissue, Swedish, and other energetic and bodywork techniques, the therapist delves into the specific anatomy of injury or ailment to release tensions and come up with a wellness plan for the session, sessions, or for self-care.

Molly's approach to deep tissue massage is gentle, slow, and anatomically specific. Pressure may be light or firm; and it should never be uncomfortable or painful. The therapist uses careful communication and experience from massage and movement therapies to integrate holistic wellness into the body.

30 minutes for $50.00

60 minutes for $90.00

90 minutes for $115.00

120 minutes for $150.00

Integrative Reflexology.jpg

integrative reflexology®



the wisdom of bare feet

Imagine walking barefoot. The earth - rocks, roots, and plants - touches and massages every corner of the foot. Reflexology is an ancient healing art that calls on the innate wisdom of nature and evolution, stimulating all branches of the nervous system through their reflex points on the soles of our feet, our connection to mother earth. 

Integrative Reflexology® (certification from Claire Marie Miller Seminars) is a four-theory approach to reflexology. It incorporates the Structural Alignment Theory (from Rolfing), the Zone Theory (developed around the turn of the 20th century by English neurologists), the Meridian Theory (from Traditional Chinese Medicine), and the Psychoneuroimmunology Theory - each of which serve as a different lens for understanding how reflexology works. This approach to healing views the body in a holistic way, honoring its complexity. The body’s innate wisdom provides the healing, while the therapists observes and facilitates that which nature intended. 

45 minutes for $90.00

universal energy healing

Reiki (rei is the Japanese word for "universal"; ki means "life energy", xi, chi, or prana) is a healing modality that originated in Japan in the early 20th century. During a session, the practitioner directs healing energy to different parts of the body in order to address a specific concern, or for overall health balancing. Reiki may be performed hands-on or hands-off, and the recipient will remain clothed during the session.

Reiki may be used to address a specific concern of body, mind, or spirit; or used to maintain a state of well-being and balance in the body. 

60 minutes for $90.00

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private yoga

individualized yoga s

During your private yoga session (for yourself alone, or in a small group) the therapist will guide your practice to best meet your needs. Through the practice of meditation, pranayama (breathwork), and asana (posture), yoga can address your needs of body, mind, and spirit.

60 minutes for $80.00

90 minutes for $110.00

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