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holistic massage therapy



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intuitive massage

This gentle bodywork session incorporates subtle techniques from anatomical and energetic modalities. Using a combination of techniques from Swedish and deep tissue massage, yoga, myofascial release, Trager® movement therapy, craniosacral therapy, and reiki, the therapist crafts a session to uniquely address your concerns of body, mind, and spirit. Book "Intuitive Energy Healing" or "Integrative Therapeutic Massage" via the Metta Wellness website.

private yoga

Private yoga lessons for you (or your small group) can provide many therapeutic benefits. The therapist will custom-plan an asana flow to meet your health and wellness needs, while providing individualized attention to form, function, and anatomy. Private yoga is a great way to deepen your personal practice or to address particular musculo-skeletal concerns. Contact Molly to schedule.

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therapeutic massage

Massage therapy can help manage many types of health concerns. Molly's integrative therapy is informed by myofascial release, movement therapy, and energetic techniques, and is well-suited for chronic pain management, headaches, and post-trauma recovery. Book "Integrative Therapeutic Massage" via the Metta Wellness website.

integrative reflexology®

Integrative Reflexology® is a style of reflexology that integrates the meridian, zone, neural, and structural theories of reflexology. It is typically performed on the feet, where neural connections reflect the treatment to the whole body. Hands or ears may also be included. Book "Integrative Reflexology" on the Metta Wellness website.

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reiki healing

Reiki is a healing practice of connection with the universal source energy that permeates all life. Reiki means "universal energy" (rei = universal ki = energy, prana, chi). This gentle, hands-on practice may be used to support healing endeavors of the body, mind, and spirit; it may also be practiced hands-off. Book "60 Minute Reiki Session" on the Metta Wellness website.

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I operate under Metta Wellness' business structure, with scheduling via MindBody (app or online). Prices listed are fair market rate for the area. I offer all services of 60-minutes or less on a sliding scale. Please see the sliding scale self-screening questionnaire for minimum rates and guidelines about when to take advantage of this policy. To book a session using the sliding scale, you may use the online scheduler. Be sure to write a note, or let me know that you intend to pay a different price. You will have to enter credit card information to book the appintment, but your card will not be charged until after your appointment, for the agreed upon amount.

(This is my own fee policy, and other practitioners at Metta may not honor this practice.)



Molly isn't just a massage therapist - she's a healer and that shows in everything she does. She's attentive to making sure you feel comfortable physically and emotionally before each session, she really listens. Every session with her feels like I've taken a vacation from the stresses in my life for an hour. She pays attention to what's going on and takes the time to get to know your needs. I never really liked massages before. Molly is very accepting and never makes you feel judged or unwelcome.

Molly’s work is grounded in skillful listening, and is a beautiful balance of depth and patience. As a trauma survivor, I have a hard time receiving massage—specifically deep tissue work—but Molly’s work starts with listening and attuning, and moves towards depth at a pace my body feels safe with. Her deep tissue work feels like a conversation where she’s really listening, rather than bossing the tissue around and putting it in its place. Really high quality work, grounded in compassionate listening.

Chandra S., client since 2017

Eve Pamela Grice, massage therapist


about molly

I am a Maryland-licensed massage therapist (LMT), and certified practitioner of Integrative Reflexology®, graduate of Potomac Massage Training Institute, in Silver Spring, MD. I am also a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT®200) with Yoga Alliance. My training includes over 100 hours of study and practice in trauma-informed care within and beyond the bodywork field. My previous work as an immigration legal assistant inspired a passion for working with survivors of gender-based and domestic violence to re-integrate touch as a safe, nurturing, and empowering experience. I employ a gentle, slow approach to bodywork therapy, which is recommendable for treating persons suffering from stress-related tension and chronic pain. Gentle bodywork practices, including yoga, massage, and other techniques, are gradually becoming recognized as effective treatment options for PTSD and other stress-related pathologies.

My practice seeks to promote social responsibility by encouraging clients with means to support those without, and help the business run with sufficient income. I do not accept tips, but I will gladly receive contributions towards offsetting the cost of free and sliding-scale services. I consistently seek opportunities to promote community education and operate with the highest standards of ethical behavior to create a safe space for people of all backgrounds and genders. 

Regarding accessibility, sliding scale fees, and trauma care, I have a strict no-questions-asked policy; though I hope you will find my practice a safe place to share any needs or concerns you might have. I also offer free massages for people of any gender who have suffered from gender-related or intimate partner violence. Please inquire for more information about accessing this program. If you would like to make a donation to contribute to this program, or to gift a massage to a survivor of violence, please see more information here or contact me.



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